Pokemon Go Game Download For Android

Pokemon Go Game is an exciting reality game which differentiates your real world and virtual world. You need to move around the world actually to catch more Pokemon. When you start the game, you will be shown professor Willow. You need to select your avatar and can customize it with your style.

In the beginning, you will be shown the Pokemon at the place where you are, and you need to catch that Pokemon with the Pokeball. You need to slide the Pokeball onto the Pokemon and find it. First Pokemon will be easy to pick and later on it will be difficult. It is worth to download Pokemon Go APK and play it.

Pokemon Go APK Download For Android

Pokemon Go game has PokeStops and Gym. PokeStops allows you to buy Pokeballs and other stuff which is needed to proceed playing the game. You can play Pokemon Go game anywhere you want like mountains, schools, parks and in many places. Catch Pokemon of the same type as many as you can, so that you can evolve Pokemon of that type.

You need to form the team, and you need to protect the Gym. If the opposite team defeats your Pokemon, then you will lose the leadership of the Gym. If you win, then your team becomes stable. You can even find eggs, which can be hatched to form Pokemon.

Download Pokemon

There will be different types of Pokemon which can be accessed near water, land and you could also see Pokemon flying in the sky. Latest Updated version is Pokemon Go Apk  0.51.0, 0.45.0, 0.43.4, 0.43.3, 0.41.4 , 0.41.3, 0.39.1, 0.37.1, 0.35.0

  • Latest Pokemon App is Updated on October 12th and Version is 0.41.4,
  • PokeMon Last Update(23-August-2016)  includes many fixes like Fixing Wrong Medal issues and Speed Limit and many others.
  • This Pokemon Apk File Last Updated On July-30-2016. Get PokeMon o.33.0 Apk.

Pokemon Go For Android Features

  • You need to move around the real world
  • Gyms and PokeStops are available in real time world
  • PokeStops allows you buy Pokeball and eggs to hatch more Pokemon
  • Need to walk more steps to hatch eggs and to evolve Pokemon
  • Very attractive User Interface
  • In-app purchase is also possible
  • Free to install. Get Pokemon Go Apk Latest Version.pokemon go apk

Pokemon GO Game Download – Additional Info

  • File Size: 110 MB
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Package Name: com.nianticlabs.Pokemon
  • Current Pokemon APk V 0.39.1
  • Previous Versions are: 0.29.4, Old Version: 0.29.3
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.4 and higher
  • Latest News: Don’t try to cheat Pokemon App. Niantic Developers are taking it seriously and banning accounts permanently.Dow
  • Download Pokemon 0.43.3 Apk.


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Pokemon Go is Now Available in India. Pokemon India is trending everywhere. Indian players are enjoying Pokemon Game. If you did not try this game in your Android Phone then this is the time to get Pokemon Go Game on your SmartPhone.

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