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Hotstar App is the best entertainment application for watching the latest released movies, Live Sports, Cricket and Television shows, etc. Hotstar Apk method is the best way to install Hotstar in your Android Smartphone. Users are facing few installation problems if they try to fix it from the Official Google Play Store.

That’s why we go with the Hotstar apk file method. You can use Hotstar On PC and enjoy everything on the big screen. But here I’m entirely concentrated on the topic of where to get and how to free download Hotstar file for Android phones.



Hotstar download procedure is quite easy like falling off a log. So, make sure you’re going through every step that I’m going to cite in this tutorial. Some of the excellent features of this app are listed below.

You can Watch Free Movies Online, IPL Cricket Live Streaming, Watch Bollywood Videos and much more. This is the best app to watch movies on Android. This app is as good as Netflix.

Download Hotstar


  • What is Hotstar App?
    • Hotstar is an Entertainment App to Watch Live Streaming of Cricket, Kabaddi, Hockey, other Indian Sports leagues, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies and Indian TV Serials.
  • Is Hotstar Free to use?
    • Yes, But Free version members will not be allowed to watch all content.
  • Is Hotstar Available Outside India?
  • Is Hotstar App free for iOS & Windows?
    • Yes, This App is free for All mobile platforms.
  • What is Monthly Subscription Fee for Hotstar Premium?
    • INR 180/Month is the current price. It may change at any time.

Hotstar App latest version 4.0.0 is released on December, 24th, 2018. Download the updated App using the links provided above.

Hotstar App Download

As you guys are very familiarised with the Android OS, you may be knowing the installation process of any Android app. When I say this, the first thing that comes to your mind is, going to the Play Store and hitting the “Install” button. Let me ask you one thing, what if you can’t find your favorite app on the Play Store?

Well, here is an ideal solution for this query. Downloading the apk file of that intended app and installing it like a walk in the park. Even though if you find it in Google Play, sometimes the installation may throw an error message to you. This may be due to some technical issues or maybe with your slow or poor Internet connectivity.

Best Tv Shows on Hotstar

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Friends
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. The Big Bang Theory
  5. Prison Break
  6. Arrow
  7. Homeland
  8. Silicon Valley

Tvshows on hotstar

So, to avoid all these risks, here we move to the safe side, i.e., making use of app Hotstar apk and getting it installed. Well, you may have got one question in your mind, where do I find this apk of Hotstar app? Don’t surf for this one; I’ll provide here every little thing which is going to assist you. Now that turn has come to the apk file, here I’ve acquired the link for you after searching a few minutes on the web.

Before leading our way towards the downloading process, let me recite you some of the fantastic and critical attributes of Hotstar application. Hotstar app is available for free of cost. You can Download Hotstar app for free. Fun providing apps may cost you some bucks, but this is not that kind of apps, no charges for anything.

hotstar download

You can straight off see your best-loved Hollywood, Bollywood, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, and other languages movies quickly. Those who are fans of cricket, they can stream the live cricket matches on mobile. You’ll find the stuff in all sort of genres like Horror, Adventure, Action, Comic, and Drama, etc.

How to Download Hotstar For Android?

This Hotstar apk file will be having very less weight (file size, technically) which will make it much simpler to download it. This app won’t require very much time to install in Android. So, you must keep your eye on the future source which provides you with the apk.

hotstar for android phone

Hotstar screen on an Android Device

Here are the Hotstar apk download links. That’s it, by choosing any one of these, you’ll download the file. You can get the Voot Apk to watch Funny Videos. Enjoy Hostar app download.

  • Get Hostar App APK From Google Play Store.
  • Important: Apk4fun, 9apps, Apk Mirror, and other apk sites are not providing Hotstar apk because it is only available for Indian Users.

Enjoying videos online has become a thing of profit for digital marketers which gave rise to the apps that allow users to watch videos online. Speaking about the impact of digitalization globally, all the big wigs in the market of satellite media are stepping towards the digital media to cash on their online property.

It all started long back with Netflix over a decade ago which began Movies online for free of cost for a month and then charging to watch more content. When Hotstar stepped into the market in 2015, it could be able to gain over ten million users in the first 40 days, thanks to the content it owns.

Belonging to Start Sports, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, HotStar app today has all the content that the channel has gained during the era of satellite media. Since this is the period of digital media, the video content is just a click away for the users. With all the big wigs stepping into the market of streaming videos, the ultimate winner will be the one with more content on their name.

Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar are the reputed names globally that own most of the content on their name. The other streaming websites that use their content property will, of course, have to pay the royalty for the concerned apps to play their content on their channels. Speaking more about the content, Hotstar has started owning videos from stand-up comics all over the world.

Just like how Netflix did for Russel Peters, Hotstar hired a few stand-up comedians to make shows for them, which they a sell on their streaming sites.

The reason why Hotstar has started a platform of its own is that it has an excess of content, which the channel wanted to put it all in a place a Hotstar is such a place. The User Interface design for the app was made in Italy, and the development project was outsourced to Accenture. It took twelve months to make the app go live.

We know that Hotstar is owned by Star India. Star India, previously maintained the other digital ventures like, Star Player, etc. So, they had their views perfect on what needs to be served on their app for an extensive and better engagement.

By the beginning of 2015, the app was live. Till then all the content owned by Star Sports came on a single stage, HotStar app. More than a material of 50,000 hours in 7 languages was made available. Within the first 40 days, a whopping 10 million users were subscribed to the app. The app has the digital rights sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Kabaddi, and a unified platform was born making it easy for a user to view it whenever he wants.

The app was first made live on the Android platform, which is being used by most of the mobile users and thus it became a number one app regarding downloads within days of its launch. It took ten months to Facebook, 24 months for Twitter and 2 and half months for Instagram to cross the million mark. It still has the user engagement of 30 minutes per user which can be considered as a decent achievement compared to other trending apps.

The year it launched, i.e., in 2015, the app witnessed massive traffic of 50 million views for the India-Australia semi-final match and 25 million views for the game between India and Pakistan. Even today, most of the truck for Star Sports comes from its mobile app.

Thanks to the app, Star Network has witnessed 13.5 times growth in the digital viewership. The views for IPL says a lot. For the season happened in 2015, the channel, has received 110 million views. Whereas for the 2013 and 2014 seasons, the view share was only confined to a million views. Hotstar App installs a must.


Watching Live Cricket on Hotstar App

Hotstar is now ranked as one of the highest consumption of sports content among the other key players in the market like Liv and Ditto Tv owned by Sony Pictures Network and Zee Entertainment. It is also a network that has launched a digital talk show called Juicy Half Volley, a weekly show, 20-minute 20 second Twenty20 for IPL and One tip One Hand for ICC World Cup 2015.

live cricket on hotstar

The other Digital First Shows owned by Star Sports HotStar are:

All India Bakchod: All India Bakchod is Hotstar signed one of the top Digital Content YouTube channels for a massive 20 episodes program what will be first released on Hostar and then on the other platforms. Download Hotstar for Android Phones.

Apart from the sports content, Star India still benefits a lot of material which generates money in this digital world, which is expected to trend for a few more decades until Artificial Intelligence hits the world.

So that’s it, guys. I hope you are now clear with this guide if you still have any doubts, or face any issues while downloading; please let us know by hitting down your query in the comments section so that we can help you out.if you like this article do share it with your friends.