15 Best Kannada Movies to Watch on Hotstar

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best kannada movies hotstar

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15 Best Kannada Movies to Watch on Hotstar

As there are lots of movies to watch on Hotstar, we are here to let you know the best movies. If you are looking for best Kannada movies to watch on Hotstar, then you have landed on the right page. Let us get started!

1. Last Bus

The last Bus is one of the best thriller movies in Kannada released in 2016. It is directed by S D Aravind starring Gururaj Kaulkarni, B Krishannappa and more.  The story starts like six passengers take the last bus, and before it reaching the destination, there will be some incidents which turn the journey into a nightmare. It is a must watch Kannada film on Hotstar.

2. Bahadur

Bahadur is a cool going movie. If you are looking for some romantic and love movie, then Bahadur is the best choice. The story is about the leading character in search of a good girl, and when finds one who gives more importance to her father’s words. So hero tries to convince his dad and getting her married.

3. Manikya

Manikya is one of the best Kannada movies in Drama genre. The story is about two rivals whose children will be in love with each other. After that, what happens is the movie starring South superstar Sudeep and Ranya Rao.

4. God Banna Sadharana Mykattu

Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu is a family drama Kannada film starring Anant Nag, Shruthi Hariharan, and Rakshit Shetty. It is a story about father and son, where the son is in search of his missing father.

5. Galipata

Galipata is a romantic Kannada movie starring Daisy Bopanna, Ganesh, and Anant Nag. It is directed by Yogaraj Bhat and movie is around the person) lead character) falls in love with a widow and wants to start the new life with her and he gets rejected continuously. What all he does to convince her is the story all about!

6. Mungaru Male

Mungaru Male is the romantic movie directed by Yogaraj Bhat starring Ganesh, Anant Nag, and Pooja Gandhi. Hero looks heroine and falls in love with her, but her father puts conditions. A story about does star complete all those requirements successfully or not.

7. Porki

 Porki is the best action and romantic Kannada movie. The hero works as undercover cop destroying underworld dons. In this journey, he comes across the heroine and falls in love with her. The story is about taking the revenge on the person who kills his father and is a good movie to watch.

8. Khushi Khushiyagi

Khushi Khushiyagi is the all-time entertainment Kannada movie starring Ganesh and directed by Yogi G Raj. The hero lives alone as his parents live in abroad and he falls in love with a girl. A story is about how he gets the love of that girl.

9. Hudugaru

Hudugaru is the best Kannada film which shows the importance of friends and friendship. The story is about three friends who get their friend married with his girlfriend, but later on, they get parted for silly things. Then bad things happen, and questions were helping such friend is necessary.

10. Savaari 2

Savaari 2 is one of the best Kannada film directed by Jacob Verghese starring Girish Karnad, Srinagara Kitty, and Chandru. A politician’s son-in-law misuses the power of his father-in-law. Later on, things go in a wrong way for that person, and you need to watch the full movie to know what happened next.

11. Varadanayaka

Varadanayaka is one of the best action Kannada movies to watch on Hotstar. It is directed by Ayyappa P. Sharma starring Sudeep and Nikesha Patel. Sudeep plays a role of powerful policeman where he will face problems with negative characters. Watch full movie on Hotstar.

12. Paramashiva

Paramashiva is the story about love and relationship between brothers and sister. Three brothers show lots of love and care towards their sister. But, when she gets married into a wealthy family, she faces problems and how brother deal with it is the story.

13. Indra

Indra is the must watch Kannada movie for the action lovers. Hero gets into the ruthless killer as his family gets killed. Darshan acts in a double role and it is the must watch a film to have the experience of flying cars, action, fights and more.

14. Paramathma

Paramathma is the drama movie starring Puneeth Rajkumar and directed by Yogaraj Bhat. Puneeth falls behind a girl, and she does not accept him when he proposes her as he is doing different jobs and does not stick to one. The story goes like this, and he goes where ever she goes. The story is about will she accept Puneeth’s proposal?

15. Anna Bond

Anna Bond starring Puneeth Rajkumar is a must watch a film. He takes the character of karate expert who loves Priyamani. But first she asks him to look after his career, and in this process, they become the target for the villain.

These are the 15 best Kannada movies to watch on Hotstar. If you have anything to add, please do let us know through comments.

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