10 Best Shows to Watch on Hotstar

If you have recently purchased Hotstar premium susbscription then you must be confusing what TV shows to watch on Hotstar. If you wanna know some of the best shows then you have landed at the right place.

Without wasting time further let’s jump in to the list. Ignore the sequence.

Best Shows on Hotstar

Primal Survivor – Survive The Tribe

Primal Survivor – Survive The Tribe is one of the popular English shows aired on National Geographic Channel. Hazen Audel leads the show as survival instructor with the lifesaving skills he has learned. He tackles the most dangerous mankind’s journeys and it is good to watch this show on Hotstar.

The Cannes Special

The Cannes Special is unique English show which you need to watch for sure. Hosted Anupama Chopra interviews film stars who attend Cannes film festival. If you want to know what your favorite star says, then watch The Cannes Special on Hotstar.

Koffee With Karan

Koffee with Karan is really an awesome English show. It will be mostly liked by Indians as this show is all about Bollywood celebrities. Karan Johar a reputed Bollywood film director and producer-host the show and he interviews Hollywood celebrities. The show will be very entertaining with private discussions, rapid fire questions and more.

MasterChef Australia

If you are fond of reality cooking show, then MasterChef Australia is for you. MasterChef Australia English cooking show is unique where ordinary people cook awesome dishes. This is award winning cooking show and it has judges like George Calombaris, Gary Megan, and Matt Preston.

You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst is the romantic comedy English show to watch in Hotstar. It is produced by the well know comedy writer Stephen Falk starring Aya Cash, Chris Geere, and Desmin Borges. This has twists when compared to romantic comedy genre shows.  All episodes are available on Hotstar and a must watch English show.

Animals Gone Wild

If you want to experience the heartbreaking and jaw-dropping moments, then you need to watch Animals Gone Wild on Hotstar. It shows some close encounters with animals, fights, and attacks.  Go and watch Animals Gone Wild on Hotstar.

The Great Human Race

The Great Human Race is one of the best English shows aired on National Geographical Channel. It is hosted by Bill Schindler who is an Archaeologist and Cat Bigney who is a survival expert. They both try to live as our ancestors live and it is good to watch this show on Hotstar.

Brain Games

Want to mess your mind with some tactic thoughts and thought to provoke games? Then you should watch Brain Games show on Nat Geo for sure. It is the show which got nominated for Emmy Award and has a lot of interactive games which keeps you thinking. This is one of the best TV shows to watch on Hotstar.

Air Crash Investigation

We would have heard about air crafts disaster and we are much interested to know the root cause. If you are one among them, then Air Crash Investigation English show is for you. This shows what and how aircraft disaster happens with real time examples. Go and watch Air Crash Investigation show on Hotstar.


Mars is an English show which should be called as the documentary aired on Nat Geo. It shows all about Mars which we need to know. It has a detailed analysis on colonizing Mars and if you want to have a journey with astronauts to MARS, then you need to watch MARS on Hotstar.

These are some of the best TV shows to watch on Hotstar. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

Hotstar allows you to watch movies, sports, TV shows and more on your PC or smartphone. If you are fond of shows and movies, then you can watch them all on Hotstar. No need to worry even if you have missed any of your favorite show.

It is owned by Star Pvt Ltd and is available in India. It has TV shows and movies of all Indian languages. You can search through Genre to watch what you want. In this article, I will let you know best TV shows to watch on Hotstar.

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