Use Hotstar in USA, UK, Dubai and Outside Indian Countries

As we all know Hotstar app allows us to watch Bollywood movies, IPL, cricket matches, popular shows, and many shows right on your smart device. But, accessing it is only restricted to only India. You cannot access Hotstar outside India like USA, UK, Dubai or any other country other than India.

Way to use Hotstar in USA, UK, Dubai and in any other Country

It is blocked in all countries other than in India. But, with the workaround, you can use Hotstar outside India. We need to bypass the geographic restrictions to use Hotstar app outside India. You can apply for this workaround in your Android, iOS and MAC devices to use Hotstar outside India.

Use a VPN to use Hotstar outside India

If you try to watch any Bollywood show in Hotstar outside India or even try to access Hotstar outside India, then it shows you the message saying “Content Unavailable. The content is currently unavailable in your region.” It is because, when you try to access the Hotstar outside India, it detects your IP address and blocks the access to Hotstar. So, we would use VPN to bypass the IP Address and lets Hotstar use the IP Address of India and you can use Hotstar outside India. You can try the Voot App instead of Hotstar.

Steps to Unblock Hotstar outside India using VPN

  • You need to sign up with the VPN provider having VPN servers in India.
  • I recommend using HMA VPN. This is the best to Use Hotstar in any Country.
  • Download the VPN app in your IOS, Android, PC or MAC and set it up.
  • Now, connect to the Indian Servers. As we already discussed we need to have the Indian IP Address to use Hotstar outside India. By connecting to Indian servers, you can fetch the Indian IP Address.
  • Now, you can visit Hotstar website or open the Hotstar app and you can access Hotstar outside India.

VPN to use to access Hotstar outside India

These are the steps and VPN to use to unblock Hotstar outside India. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.


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  • Matthew August 2, 2016, 9:01 am Link

    Does it work

  • Shahashad Machingal November 18, 2016, 6:37 pm Link

    I’ve tried expressvpn and it works fine for me. I can access to any websites using indian virtual location. Thanks to EXPRESS VPN.